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EXEcute 5.6.0 Release

Changes from 5.5.940:
- Now supports viewing all central user records for the past 30 days without requiring a specific user to be selected
- Watch list items marked as blocked when blocking is off are now recorded as 'detected' in the central user records
- Support for exporting user records in XML format for viewing in Excel or similar applications
- Notifications no longer repeat once raised for a specific window
- Performance improved and memory usage reduced

EXEcute 5.5.940 Minor Release

Changes from 5.5.810:
- Significantly reduced memory footprint
- Improved performance and responsiveness of list view
- All list view columns now resort automatically
- Reduced loading (startup) time for large numbers of clients
- Fixed crash when pressing 'Show Desktop' with automatic group list row count enabled
- Reduced network usage when first connecting to a Hypervisor

EXEcute 5.5.810 Minor Release

Changes from 5.5.740:
- Notifications list now supports multiple selection (whole list can be copied to clipboard)
- Added save changes detection including unsaved changes prompts
- Reversed connection between service and user process for improved reliability
- Disabled tamper detection by default (can be enabled via config)

EXEcute 5.5.740 Minor Release

Changes from 5.4.680:
- Now records computer names for all Client machines
- Matching for Hypervisor usernames (group permissions) is no longer case sensitive
- Now displays computer names for all Client machines (new column)
- Client descriptions can be set to their computer name using the 'batch rename' form
- Connection status now displayed as an icon instead of a text field

EXEcute 5.4.680 Minor Release

Changes from 5.4.660:
- Group list now automatically resizes based on the number of groups by default
- Group list row count can also be set manually - was previously a single row only
- Group list check boxes are now wider to support longer group names
- Fixed flickering of the mouse cursor with a large number of clients
- Fixed status column not updating correctly while connected to Central